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Indy Mini Training: Week 7, Day 3

Holy shit, you guys. Hooooolyyyyy shit. Such a hard run. I started off so strong and by Mile 8 I just wanted to break down and die the entire time. Miserable. Runs like these make me suuuuper question my ability to run a full marathon. BLERGH. UGH. ETC.

10 miles
9:57 average pace

I proooooobably didn’t do myself any favors by going to CrossFit yesterday. The WOD was two sets of Tabata intervals: first alternating wall balls (10#) and sit-ups (8 minutes, 8 rounds), and then alternating kb swings (12kg) and box jumps (RX- 20#). And HOLY FUCKING SHIT did I destroy the SHIT out of my legs. Whoopsie.

But it’s, like, done and stuff? And it was a hella beautiful day. And now I’m about to shove SO MUCH JIMMY JOHN’S INTO MAH FACE. And then I’ma have dranks after lying immobile on the couch for several hours.

It is known.

  1. before-i--sleep said: Post run JJ’s makes every awful mile worth it. nice work, lady!
  2. tallmormon said: Awesome, and you and Brenna need to talk about crossfit day before running far
  3. turtleseyeview said: way to get it done!
  4. alliegets said: 1. I hate wall balls so much. Just so much. 2. I discovered last night I am horrible at box jumps. White girl cannot jump. 3. It is known.
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