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Indy Mini Training: Week 8, Day 2

Today was supposed to be eight miles of tempo.

FIRST is just straight rude.

I set out for four and had to cut it short because the thunder and lightning started raging. I love running and all, but I’m not willing to become a human lightning rod for my sport.

3.32 miles
9:19 average pace

Tempo runs in the rain are decidedly more badass than tempo runs not in the rain. Fact.

And on top of that, I came home to an email from our apartment complex letting us know that our street is going to be closed for a half an hour this Saturday for a 5k. What serendipity! I sent off an email post haste to the coordinators to ask if they still need any volunteers. Why don’t I do that more often? It makes way more sense than spending all that damn money on entry fees for all those 5ks. Even if they don’t need me, I’ll at least stand out on our street with my coffee to cheer.

That’s right, bitches. You bring the race to me.

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