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Chicago Marathon Training, W7D3: 7 miles

(and a little NSV to boot!)

I am in a far, far better mood than I was earlier. I had a meeting with my supervising professor, told her the amount of work it would take to get through the list she’d given me, and she was completely reasonable and told me just to do whatever I could get done in my allotted hours, and whoever gets assigned to be her GA for the upcoming year would pick up where I left off. Mothereffing PHEW, y’all. The problem that I always get into with situations like this is twofold: 1) I’m an extremely efficient, trustworthy, and competent assistant (also SUPER humble) and she knows this, and 2) I have this kind of unhealthy neurotic obsession with being superwoman within my department, and often to my detriment (it has been the source of many a breakdown). Compounded with my past performance for her and the fact that this professor had a completely inept GA last year (jfc), she threw as much at me as she could think of in the final days because my track record preceded me. And so I freaked out. But then we talked. And now things are good!

And so once I left our meeting, I decided not to delay today’s run because Bloomington is experiencing GORGEOUS weather. I wanted so badly to get out this morning when the temperatures were in the upper 50s (!!), but it was still only 73 with a low dewpoint when I set out this afternoon. There was a little bit too much direct sun to make this entirely pleasant, but still—being able to do a seven-mile run in the early afternoon in late July is a boon regardless.

7 miles
At race pace (10:18); actual - 10:07

And as for the NSV—I bought that top at a running boutique near my apartment a couple weeks ago and haven’t yet had the courage to wear it. It’s perfect for hot weather runs because it’s almost completely see-through. It wore it out this afternoon and gave no fucks, and it’s the damn closest I’ve ever come to running without a shirt.

  1. tallmormon said: atta girl!
  2. liltinysoprano said: What the fuck Indiana, it’s July! And I like that top!
  3. straightarrowlife said: Nice run! Nice NSV, too.
  4. talesfromtheroof said: RUN WITHOUT A SHIRT IT’S SO GREAT
  5. runningtowardshappyness said: You were faster than me today by one second….literally :)
  6. alliegets said: That shirt is adorable. As are you.
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