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Sweat and dirt and trails and looking at your reflection in hotel bathroom mirrors and seeing a strong motherfucker and trees and goofy elated from having a decent run selfies and butt sweat angels.

This run was 100% mentally better than last week, and I’d say 50% physically better. The conditions—heat, humidity—were largely the same, but I got up earlier, did my best with positive thinking, walked when I needed to (and I only needed to a couple times this week), and did the damn thing. And it feels good to have finally beaten a long run instead of them beating me.

I’m fucking zonked now and have a hot date with my couch and my compression sleeves. Jimmy John’s is making its way swiftly toward me on a cloud surrounded by baby angels (or is coming via Michael…same diff). If there’s a Law and Order: SVU marathon on tv, I will have completely won this Saturday.

  1. easybeinggreene said: Yay! And good plan for your afternoon
  2. runrunrindy said: BEAST! :]
  3. ariavie said: I think wet but prints are my favorite art form.
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  5. letsapanda said: Great Work!
  6. alliegets said: Baller. Proud of you.
  7. liltinysoprano said: Such pretty scenery! Remember when you were training to run halfs and now you just basically ran a half on a normal Saturday? Mind. Blown.
  8. seechrisrun said: Perfect
  9. jbizzle329 said: I love your pictures!
  10. straightarrowlife said: Great job. You kicked ass.
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