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We went canoeing! We drove to the quaint little town of Story, Indiana, rented a canoe from a good ol’ boy named Charlie, and explored the tributaries of Lake Monroe for over four hours. We made peanut butter sandwiches and ate them in the boat for lunch. We saw lots of amazing blue herons, though no bald eagles (which my friend had seen canoeing in the same place last week) and no beavers (which Charlie had promised us. Actually, he promised us baby beavers. BABIES. And there were none). We got sunburned despite our diligence with sunscreen. We sweated (a lot). We got naked in the woods when we were done and wiped ourselves down with baby wipes before putting on a change of clothes. We went to a local brewpub for dinner where the beers were so, so very bad. We drove back to Bloomington for froyo which was so, so very good.

After over four hours of paddlings, my arms and shoulders are killing me. Skipped leg day fo’ sho’.

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  3. mar-kicksass said: Be glad you didn’t see any beavers, they can be mean! That froyo looked gooooood!
  4. before-i--sleep said: You guys are too cute! Sorry about the beers, though.
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  7. easybeinggreene said: looks like so much fun! except that part about no baby beavers. hmph
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