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Chicago Marathon Training, W13D3: 5 miles

Well shit, y’all, today was a helluva lot better. Surprise, surprise. But not really. 

My left arch was noticeably smarting this morning—seems like I’m actually dealing with PF in both feet whoooo! At the moment, I’m not too worried about it. I neglected taking care of my left foot during the week I took off (didn’t wear the supports, didn’t stretch out or ice), so I imagine it would be fine, like my right foot, if I had. Maybe I shouldn’t have run today. I promise I’m being mindful.

I’m kind of glad I did go ahead and run, though, because I think I discovered why I’ve developed PF. I noticed that my arch didn’t really hurt on flat surfaces and only when I was running uphill. I realized that, in general when I run uphill, I use my feet and toes way too much to provide forward momentum. Once I had that epiphany, I concentrated on powering through more with my hammies and glutes, and bam—arch pain considerably reduced. So. TIL.

I also noticed in my time off that my calves are tight as haaaaaaayulllll. I have been totally remiss with foam rolling during this training. I KNOW I KNOW I TOTALLY KNOW BETTER WHAT WHAT WHAT AM I DOING. Ahem. Anyway, I’ve been more diligent with the roller and the stick. Hopefully once my stupid Feetures sleeve finally gets here I can keep this PF under control until I can fully rehab it. If worse comes to worse I’ll hail mary it with dry needling (gahhhhh) at the sports chiro.

  1. straightarrowlife said: I am with you on all of this. Keep taking care of yourself!
  2. ariavie said: I just high-fived your five. Nice work.
  3. schnucki-putzi said: So glad today went well! Keep on trucking! I know how it is with marathon training blues, but it always gets better!
  4. becky-balances said: Yay! And yes, the foam roller is a life saver.
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