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Chicago Marathon Training, W15D6: 20 miles

Hoo lerd, you guys. So much about this run was just awful. The first ten miles were okay, probably because my legs felt hella good after their intense rubdown yesterday.

But the rest of the run went downhill. Liz and I didn’t get to bed until around 1:00am because of the blog. And I swear to all that is holy that if we hadn’t promised to meet one another, there is no goddamn way I would have pulled myself out of my bed. But we did and so we sweated and grunted and cussed and walked and just kept fucking going and eventually we were done and somehow in a few weeks I’m supposed to do this again plus 6.2 miles?

But at least we got that shit done. Wonder Twins: activate!

And now I’m going to eat everything in Bloomington.

  1. straightarrowlife said: Wonder Twins: killing it. Happy to see your faces and I am mega proud of you both. :)
  2. runkathrynrun said: kicking ass as usual! also can we be texting buddies?!
  3. getmoreradish said: Great job!
  4. shrinkingmomma said: I don’t think 20 miles is ever supposed to feel good. But you did it and you’re awesome! Eat all the things.
  5. fingersfranklin said: Oh my GOD. Those legs in your profile picture!!!!!!
  6. lizcorre said: lol… I actually like that pic of us more than I thought I would.
  7. two-o-nine said: You are super awesome!
  8. becky-balances said: EAT ALL THE THINGS!!!
  9. carolynruns posted this
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